Sunday, March 9, 2014

When your spirit is Overwhelmed

Read Psalm 142.

Anyone who has ever been overwhelmed by a seemingly hopeless situation will identify with the elements of this prayer.  David ran for his life.  When King Saul's army was tipped off about David's area of hiding, they came quickly and camped there.  David took refuge in a cave but instead of feeling safe, he felt trapped.  In fact, he called it a prison.  See 1 Samuel 22 for details.

1. Defenseless (vv.1-4)
The threat was real.  Those seeking his life did not know his exact location.  But the sense of terror, loneliness, and abandonment caused him to feel totally insecure.  There was no escape and no one cared.

2. Desperate (vv.5-6a)
He had fought his way out of tough circumstances before, but not this time.  It was not possible to fight an army by himself.  This song is truly a cry for mercy.  He has nothing left.  His only resource was his faith in God.  Someone once said, "When you reach the place where God is all  you have, you will find that God is all you need."

3. Dependence (vv.6b-7)
He cast his dependence on the only One who could help him.  "You are my refuge."  "Deliver me."  "Bring me out."  Knowing that God would never forsake him, he prayed with hope for the future.  He looked forward to giving thanks to the LORD for answering his prayer.  He looked forward to being surrounded instead by good and godly friends.  He looked forward to freedom and God's blessings.

When no one else can help, God will.
When no one else cares, God does.
Trust Him and see.

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