Friday, March 21, 2014

6 ways to praise the LORD

Read Psalm 150.

The book of songs hits its crescendo with loud praises to the LORD!

1. Praise Him in His sanctuary.
A sanctuary is a holy place set apart for the worship of God.  In the 1 Corinthians 6:19 we read that the believer in Jesus "is a temple of the Holy Spirit."  Praise begins in the heart.

2. Praise Him in the heavens.
Next the praise moves from the most intimate and private place to public praise from the open sky.  Previously, all the angelic beings and even the planets and stars were called upon to join the song.

3. Praise Him for what He has done.
Counting one's blessings and the faithfulness of God should spark within us spontaneous praise.  God is good  to us and worthy of our praise.

4. Praise Him for who He is.
The shear magnitude of His person is beyond human comprehension.  Our best efforts fall short.  As Stuart Hamblen wrote in his song "How Big is God?", "He is big enough to rule this mighty universe, yet small enough to live within the heart."

5. Praise Him with instruments and dance.
This is a full orchestra with horns, strings, percussion, and pipes.  Most churches have a long way to go to catch up to such a full compliment of praise described here.

6. Praise Him with voice.
The final call to worship the LORD is not limited to believers or even just to humans.  "Everything that has breath" has been given life by a loving God is fulfill His purpose.  There is no greater response than to praise the One who has given us the breath of life.

Praise the LORD!

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