Sunday, March 2, 2014

How would you know if true worship Happened?

Read Psalm 138.

If you were to outline the elements of true worship, what would be on your list?  Much of our natural tendencies are to put some emphases on emotions, on style, on environment, or what we got out of it in meeting our needs.

King David was a man after God's own heart.  He was musician and knew a thing or two about worshiping the LORD.  Here in this song, he provides the core elements of Biblical worship for all of us.  Because it is a song, singing is a given part of worship.
1.  He began with a grateful heart to God. (v.1)
Praising the LORD is the first requirement of worship.  Psalm 100 states that we are to "enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise."

2.  He bowed down in submission and obedience to God. (v.2a)
When one realizes how much God loves them and how faithful He is in spite of our failures, who would not want to respond in such a way?

3.  He acknowledged the two things that God has made absolute priority. (v.2b)
The LORD has place His name (Who He is) and His word (what He has said, the Scriptures) above everything else.  If God is not honored and His message is not the focus, then true worship does not take happen.

4.  He verbalized his prayer requests to God. (vv.3-6)
First, he rejoiced in the prayers God had already answered.  Nothing energizes our faith like a specific answer to prayer.  Second, as a king he prayed for all other kings to come to know the LORD and experience God's goodness.  These others had heard the Word of God, but coming to faith in Him requires laying aside pride and humbly acknowledging the insurmountable need for forgiveness.

5.  He looked forward to how God would fulfill His purpose in his life. (vv.7-8)
Knowing the Scriptures provides guidance.  Experiencing a personal relationship with God sustains us.  Trusting His purpose for our lives gives us hope.  Inspiration is not enough.  Life-change only takes place when applies their faith in real life everyday.

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