Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wise people need People

Read 1 Kings 4-5.

These two chapters provide insights into how Solomon applied some of the understanding and wisdom that God gave him.  In brief, "he was wiser than all other men" (4:31).

And, he was wise enough to know that with all his skill and understanding he could not do his job alone.  Solomon chose good and capable people who were organized to accomplish the work of leading the nation.  These trusted leaders took care of responsibilities of spiritual, financial, personal, domestic and foreign affairs.

Then, when it came time to construct the project of his life, he was wise enough to realize he needed a partner.  The Temple would need natural resources from outside Israel.  Solomon turned to his father's friend, Hiram king of Tyre.

Wisdom is displayed-
1. When we realize that we need other people to help us.

2. When we surround ourselves with the right people.

3. When we recognize the need for a special partner for a particular task.

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