Saturday, January 6, 2018

3 Words to live By

Read 1 Kings 2.

Notice David's last words to his son Solomon.  These are words from one generation to the next.

1. Confidence. (v.2)
Being strong under pressure and taking responsibility are signs of emotional and relational maturity.

2. Obedience. (v.3a)
-Fulfilling God's call upon one's life first requires that one knows how God has gifted them and what He wants them to do with their life.
-Living for God requires that one exercise daily discipline of personal time and habits.
-Keeping God's Word requires that one know and understand how to apply the Scriptures.

3. Dependence. (vv.3b-4)
Only in faithful obedience to God and depending upon Him for the future can one experience all that the LORD has planned for them.
-"that you may prosper."  The Hebrew word used in this verse for "prosper" has to do with acting circumspectly, or wisely.  God's Word has been made available to us for just that use.
-"that the LORD may establish his word."  God had made a covenant with David that one of his descendants would forever rule over Israel as king.  God has made eternal promises to those who place their faith in Him.  Our responsibility is to trust Him and faithfully live for Him.

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