Monday, January 8, 2018

What would you put on a blank check from God?

Read 1 Kings 3.

If God were to offer you a blank check what would you put on it?  This happened to Solomon in verse 5:  "Ask what I shall give you?" 

There are several distinct parts to this chapter.  Each of them contains powerful messages.

As king, Solomon began building great projects for the city of Jerusalem.  He established political alliances through marriages (an ancient custom).  He worshipped the LORD.  Yet, he knew something was missing.  God had much more planned for him and his future.  When he was ready to listen, God appeared to him.

1. The first thoughts Solomon expressed concerned his father.
-He knew God loved his father.
-He knew his father walked faithfully with the LORD.
-He knew his father lived to do what was right.
-He knew his father's heart was right with God.
May our children be able to say this about us.

2. The second group of statements concerned his stewardship.
-He acknowledged God's Ownership of all things.  Eight times in verses 7-9 the words "you" and "your"
-His position, the people, even he belonged to the LORD.
-As a steward, his request was to know how to make decisions that would help the people and please the Owner.
-His response to this personal encounter with God was to go to the place of worship and present offerings.
May our desire everyday be to help people and please God.

3. The test.
-When God gives us something, He expects us to use it to help people and please Him.
-God gave Solomon an understanding heart, or wisdom to discern good from evil.
-His first recorded decision shows that he listened to both sides.  Next he offered a solution that would draw out the truth.  Then, he made a decision.

May we cast our dependence upon God to pass the tests He has for us today.

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