Friday, May 9, 2014

4 character qualities of a godly Leader

Read Proverbs 28.

Many great books on the subject of leadership have been written over the past couple of decades.  "Leadership as an Identity" by Dr. Crawford Loritts is one of the best.  Instead of taking an organizational approach, he targets a leader's character.  Such is what Solomon did in several verses in this chapter.

The world has seen too many leaders who use their position only for personal gain and abuse their power in a tyrannical manner.  In great contrast, here are four characteristics of a godly leader.

1. Stability. (v.2)
Wicked rulers do not last and neither will their governments, businesses, or organizations.  The reason is due to their egotistical agendas.  It is all about them.  A godly leader's chief concern is for the welfare and prosperity of the people.  One ends in disgrace and demise.  The other leaves a long standing legacy of good works.

2. Glory. (vv.12, 28)
With good and godly leadership, the people carry a sense of pride in their work and/or their government.  When bad and evil persons get into power, good people look for ways to protect themselves.  They will either do what they can in order to get out from under that leader's control or do what they must as they pray and wait for a leadership change.

3. Humility. (v.15)
There is no greater abuse than when a person of power oppresses, coerces, and threatens the helpless.  Not so with those who recognize their position and opportunities as God-given.  Accountability engenders humility and a service mindset.

 4. Honesty. (v.16)
A dishonest leader is invariably on the take.  Kick-backs and pay-offs are the methods of operation.  Then, that leader must lie and cover up his dealings.  An honest leader understands that sooner or later, the truth always becomes known.  That person works in an atmosphere of transparency.

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