Saturday, April 5, 2014

Watch your wealth and your Words

Read Proverbs 10.

"A wise son makes a glad father."  Every parent wants their children to grow up to be wise in their life choices and decisions.  Solomon touches on numerous points of wisdom in this chapter but he keeps coming back to two in particular that demonstrate wisdom.

1. The Wealth of the Wise
v.1-It must be earned honestly.
v.4-It is earned through diligence.
v.5-It is the result of timely work.
v.15-It provides personal security.
v.16-It is used by the righteous for a meaningful life.
v.22-It needs God's blessing to have lasting value.

2. The Words of the Wise
v.11-They provide refreshment to others.
v.13-They bring clarity to life circumstances.
v.20-They are of high value.
v.21-They benefit others.
v.31-They are the fruit of the cultivation of the heart.
v.32-They delight those who listen.

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