Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A lesson for those who defy God

Read Exodus 5.

If Moses and the Israelites thought they were ready to leave, they were mistaken.  God had them in the right place, but more preparation was needed.  God prepared them physically with increased labor and hardship.  The events that were ahead would make them stronger spiritually as God systematically revealed the greatness of His power.  At the same time God was working in Pharaoh and the Egyptians to bring them a point of total humiliation.

Moses obeyed God and delivered the message to Pharaoh.  Verse two contains, perhaps, the most dangerous words a human could utter.  "Who is the LORD, that I should obey his voice...?  If there is a question God delights in answering, it is that one!  Then, he added, "I will not..."  This is open rebellion and defiance against the Creator of the Universe.  Defiance goes beyond doubt or disbelief.  The audacity, the pride, the insane arrogance behind that question is hard to fathom.  A mere human being became so satanically deceived as to actually believe he could successfully ignore and openly rebel against the Living God!  After all, the Pharaohs were considered deity.  Everyone was to worship them, not the God of Israel.  Ah, but He is much more than the God of Israel, He is the King of Kings, LORD of Lords, and the only true God.  He is the Owner of life itself.  He is the giver of life and He can take it at His will.

The next several chapters are nothing more than an answer to Pharaoh's question.  The result will be the total destruction of this once mighty nation.

When a person is confronted with the LORD's claim on their lives and becomes defiant, thinking that God may be ignored, watch how God responds.  
1. Sometimes, He allows them to go their own way and get their fill of the empty dreams they are chasing.  A Christ-less future of eternal punishment is all that awaits them.  
2. Sometimes, He responds quickly to the rebellion and removes them from this life.  
Either way, they made their decision not to respond to God's loving offer of forgiveness and eternal life.  
3.Sometimes, after the harsh results of their bad decisions brings them to a point of humility, they become willing to listen to God's wooing and respond with "Yes, LORD" to His grace.

There is nothing in this life more joyous than to see a person come to a place of humble repentance toward God and faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.  The results are real life now and life everlasting.

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